Features of Medievia

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Adversary - A game inside the game that you play with a throw-away temporary character.
Announcement - We keep you up to date with a state of the art NEWS module.
Auction - Players can buy and sell equipment via this truly unique auction system.
Autoquests - Tasks and challenges set by creatures and people within the game that can take you to any area of the realm of Medievia.

Blood - When you kill another player you get bloody hands.
Bloodlines - Players can have children, start a bloodline, or be in one when they are born.
Bloodswords - Bloodswords are special swords that require fear and must spend time in CPK.
Breath - When you walk too fast you actually run out of breath.

Camping - Leaving Medievia has never been easier or more cool.
Casino - Play cards with other players or try your luck at our slot machines.
Catacombs - Truly the most amazing zone in Medievia. Have you the courage to enter it?
Catastrophes - Large area's are affected by catastrophes that sets the demand for that areas trading very high.
Clans - Players form together and make a clan. We simulate clans just as they were in old Scotland.
Clantowns - Clans buy and build their own clantowns which they need to defend from Mob Factions.
Classes - Our classes (Mage,Warrior,Cleric & Thief) are kept at a perfect balance and are always being improved upon.
Communication - Telepath, clantalk, pray, dream, formation talk....

Death - It is a good day to die. Especially in this game; read on!
Discipline - Medievia, just like the real world, has rules and consequences.
Dungeon Master (DM) - It tracks parties adventures on the fly and makes things happen.
Dragons - What Medievial game would be complete without these legendary beasts?
Dragon Lairs - It may take a dozen or more Heroes to kill one, do you DARE enter?
Duel - Swords at dawn! A way for players to deal with disputes.

Economy - Medievia has a true closed player driven economy. Check out our cool Economy tracking feature...
Equipment - Equipment gathering is a full-time task in Medievia. There are several commands to help you get a handle on things...
Exploration - The game tracks you as you explore zones and rewards you for each zone fully explored.

Fae Ball - 24/7 game of solo Player Kill.
Fae Clams - Mountain-sized clams that players adventure inside.
Fae Crabs - Ships full of players go crabbing, but these crabs are different than your average crab!
Fae Magic - Mysterious magic that must be harvested.
Flying - Fly on dragon back! Medievia is so large we had to have faster forms of travel than walking.
Formations - Configurable formations for players to join up. Combat in Medievia is truly stunning.

Guides - Automatic guides at intersections guide you to your destination.

Hero Battles - Watch Heroes battle it out in the hero arena. You can even Wager on the outcome!
Hints - A comprehensive help system based on level/class.
Homes - Trading going well? Have a lot of gold? Buy your own home right in Medievia.

Islands - Towns compete to own islands that evolve and then sink months later.

Khrait - A mysterious civilization from afar that attacks the planet Medievia.

Loans - Your clan needs some gold to expand its ClanTown? Take a loan out.
Lockers - Sometimes you just have so much STUFF you can't hold it all in your backpack.

Medals - Something special to keep record of your accomplishments.
Medlink - Tired of playing? Type LINK and pop right top Medlink! A place where players chill.
Mindlink - See into the "mind" of another player - all battles, commands they use, tells, everything.
Mob Factions - Truly dynamic emergent AI creates all types of creatures and campaigns.
Mounting - Why walk when you can ride on a horse or any other creature willing to carry you?
Mud Mail - You can send letters or objects to anyone in the game.
Mudslinger - Our own newspaper! Frequently published articles, in-depth interviews, fiction, and columns.
Multi-Level Requirement - In Medievia you need more than just experience to gain levels.

New Adventurer's Guild - A clan specifically for new players.
New Players - New to the game? Read on!

Player Killing - The opportunity to kill other players for fun or revenge.
Politics - Medievia has real player politicians that help control the game just as real life politicians help control the law.
Prompt - That's right, you see it at all times, THE PROMPT. Ours is as good as it gets with changing colors and many alerts.

Quests - We have many Quest gods who do nothing but design and run quests.

Ranged Weapons - Our Formation code makes combat very tactic and strategy heavy. These weapons increase this affect.

Ships - Sailing the Medievian Seas, trading goods and gathering Fae.
Shops - Buying and selling equipment.
Skills - Dozens of skills for the Warriors and Thieves.
Sounds - Realistic weather, combat and more with sounds.
Spells - Dozens of spells for Mages and Clerics.
Storms - Medievia has its own weather system with storms and storm tracking. Magical storms and even fire rain have been known in Medievia.
Story - Players can be written into the ongoing story of Medievia, triggered by their actions.
Survey - Survey is like looking around far off. You see campfire smoke, dragons flying, spires, castles, mountains...

Tourguides - The TOURGUIDE feature allows avatars to lead official tours that teach various aspects of Medievia.
Towngames - Players form clans. Clans form towns. Towns, in Medievia, can participate in friendly games to display their prowess.
Tracking - When ever you move in Medievia you leave your scent. Scary what may follow that scent, isn't it?
Trading - Medievia has a complete player driven supply and demand economy. Take part; make your fortune.

Underocean - Perhaps the most unique feature is the world under the ocean. Have you ever seen raytraced 3d text?

Wagon Train - Traders can line their wagons in a row and become a wagon train.
Wilderness - Medievia is HUGE. The wilderness is an all-encompasing module that includes all zones, clantowns, castles and features.

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