Medievia is a huge place. We have thousands of rooms that you can explore and hundreds of zones that you can visit. Whilst many of the larger towns and cities have hotels where you can log out, it is not always possible to reach one in time before you want to quit the game. Just losing link risks the distinct possibility of losing your gold and equipment, which would be no fun for anyone.

We have made a provision for the busy adventurer who can rarely spare the time to return to civilization and a warm bed. The CAMP command allows anyone to create a camping area to QUIT in, perhaps toasting a marshmallow on the fire before they go. Upon logging back in to Medievia, the camped character will return to the exact same spot where they quit.

More than one person can use a campsite. When one is created, it costs the first camper 90% of his or her moves and half his or her hit points. Anyone using the same CAMP command in the same area as an existing fire will throw more wood on the fire and only lose half their movement points.

The smoke from camp fires can be seen for quite some distance using the SURVEY command. Anyone can track down a camp site using this command, and the state of the fire will tell an experienced player roughly how long ago it was made.

Note: You may not be killed by other players after you quit in your campsite. You are essentially out of the game until you log back in. When you log back in, you will be at the same spot as when you camped with all of your equipment worn and or in containers as it was when you logged out. Your freight, if any, will be wherever it was when you camped. To prevent abuse, there are some restrictions to logging in for a few moments and using certain commands. Please read HELP CAMP in the game for full details.

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