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|   The   /^+^\/^\            \\        ||  =                                |
|        /^;|^;|^\\  \\ \\   /'\\  /'\\ ||  \\ \\/\\  /'\\  /'\\ \\/\\       |
|          || ||  || || ||  || || ||=\\ ||  || || || || || ||_|| ||          |
|          || ||  || || ||  || ||    || ||  || || || || || ||""  ||          |
|          || || //   \\/\\  \\/   \\/   \\ \\ \\ \\  \\/|  \\/  \\          |
|          \\                                        /  ||                   |
|                                                    \==/                    |
|                         35th Day of the Month of Autumn Twilight, Year 395 |
The MUDSlinger Press is the newspaper of Medievia. It provides infomation on events, problems, changes and trading to the citizens of the realm of Medievia.

The Medievia MUDSlinger, often referred to as the 'Slinger' by its readers, is a publication written, for the most part, by the players. It's available at all good scribes within the game for just a few coins, so you can read it in the privacy of your clanhall in Medlink or anywhere else you have a few minutes to spare. You can also view the complete current MUDSlinger and archives of all the articles since 1999 in the MUDSlinger Online.

The articles in the MUDSlinger are of a diverse nature, comprising factual help articles, poetry and fiction (both humorous and serious), and even the occasional competition. It also contains details of trading conditions. New print runs of the MUDSlinger are announced in CHANGES and on the Medievia News online.

The MUDSlinger Staff is always looking for new authors and new articles! If you have Medievia expertise such as trading, serpent hunting, dragon fighting, pk'ing, etc., consider sharing your knowledge with other Medievia players. Have an inkling for writing fiction? Create a story set in the realm of Medievia full of adventure and peril! Maybe poetry is more your style - spin a tale of Medievia in verse! Whatever your writing skill or level, we are willing to work with you to have your article or story polished for publication.

Should you wish to submit an article, read Help MUDSLINGER_SUBMIT and the editorial sections of the in-game paper for more details. There are also submission guidelines available on the web as well as writer's guides for different types of articles and stories. The god who deals with submissions is currently Excrucior, and you should contact him with ideas and questions.

The MUDSlinger was first run by Pug after its founding. After awhile Achad came to help Pug and later became the second editor of the 'Slinger. There was a hiatus where the paper was not published most of the summer of 1995 due to hardware and manpower problems. Achad decided to retire and Columnus was named his successor. After two issues, Yugo was hired as Managing Editor, and the MudSlinger has had brilliant success ever since.

After the retirement of Yugo and Columnus in 1996, the editor-in-chief Soleil works to keep the articles published on a rolling basis. Our managing editor, Excrucior, came abord in the fall of 1999 and has been a great help in getting those articles out!

Today the MudSlinger features stories about players, gods and clans. It also has entertaining stories on past, present, and the future of Medievia. With the advent of Medievia V, the MudSlinger has had a huge increase in circulation due to the addition of an informative "Trading Section" that is code-updated frequently. Like stock quotes on a business page, the section displays the top goods that each trading post demands, allowing for the best profit possible!

Be a part of the excitement, and help inform fellow Medievians on events and opinions. We accept every kind of story from adventure fiction to hard news to humor to juicy rumor. Be sure to check out the Submission Guidelines to find out how to contribute to the Mudslinger!

Check out the MUDSlinger Online!

To contact us write to Excrucior with ideas and/or suggestions for the Mudslinger!

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