Danger is fun - ask any roller-coaster owner. Medievia is no different. Death happens to the best of us and is, on occasion, all but unavoidable. When we developed a system to deal with the inevitable we looked around at our competitors. Some games have a one death and start over attitude in which advancement is nigh on impossible against powerful, established players. Others require you to start afresh from a central place and hunt for your equipment before it is stolen by other players.

Is this fun? At Medievia, we decided that it was not - the game is here to be played and our system reflects that. We use the Hit Points system - lose them all and you die. One possible outcome is that a powerful cleric, a fellow player or Avatar, could come along and cast the resurrection spell to return you to life before the necromancer comes along to steal your soul. In this case you would rest up and then continue on again, undaunted but slightly more cautious.

The other outcome would be if you are not saved - the necromancer takes your soul and, after a few moments, you become a wandering zombie, able to moan, groan and seek out the nearest altar using the survey command. There you can pray for life (hint - just type PRAY when you get there). There is a small amount of wait, ten minutes in all, for death should not be without penalty. After that time, however, you are able to simply wear your equipment again (it will be in your inventory) and get on with enjoying the game.

Does it need to be any simpler than that? You're here to play the game and we want you to. Our playerbase reflects that.

In order to familiarize new players with the game, anyone below level five is automatically resurrected in the Newbie Clan Hall in the City of Medievia. After this you have to follow the instructions in HELP DEATH and have fun.

Take note of the special circumstances for death under Player Killing conditions. These vary from type to type.

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