Bloodswords are swords made from a special type of magic and magical science that will be explained in the story. They are made from souls, blood, fae, and gold -- similar to the FAE BALL.

These do not require death, though; they require FEAR in the form of time spent in CPK.
  • The BLOODSWORD command costs 5,000 gold per use.
  • The BLOODSWORD command shows all information on the bloodswords that exist in the game at the time and who has them. When in CPK, it shows what zone it is in and how long it has been there, as well as exactly what room it is in now. Being in CPK when everyone knows where you are is fun fun fun!
  • Bloodswords require you to spend X minutes IN CPK every day to earn Y minutes OUT of CPK. Time spent in CPK increases time that the sword can be held outside CPK, which starts counting down when it is not in CPK. If the timer reaches zero, the sword returns to the bottom of the ocean. The time allowed outside of CPK is capped at 24 hours.
  • The elected Chaos party leader controls how much time swords are required to be in CPK by adjusting how much time in CPK counts toward outside. This is the "CPK Ratio". If this number were 2, it would be 2 for one, so 8 hours in CPK would earn 16 hours out, requiring the sword to be in CPK 1/3 of the time the player plays. If this number were 3.8 it would mean 5 hours a day in CPK because 5 * 3.8 = 19 out of CPK + the 5 in = 24. This may only be changed once every 24 hours.
  • The elected Chaos party leader may ask a god to remove a sword type and load another type. There will always be 2-3 different types in the game at once. The more players we have, the more will be loaded. At some point in the distant future with thousands of online players we may have all 12 loaded all the time. It is up to the Gods to decide which swords are in the game at any given time.
  • The bloodsword must be in CPK for 5 minutes before the time in CPK starts to count towards time allowed outside CPK. If you take one step outside of CPK, within 2 seconds this counter will be set back to zero.
  • There is a clanrank for bloodswords, with a required minimum percentage for Chaos. This score represents seconds holding a bloodsword in CPK.
  • When you have been in CPK with the sword for 5+ minutes you gain around 50,000 gold every minute.
  • There will be many types of bloodswords, at least dozens and eventually many more. Each bloodsword has a unique name and abilities. They have their own personalities. They are listed below.
  • Bloodswords have excellent stats but are not game-changers. The basic stats change depending on the holder's class. There are 3 stat configurations for each class. The game decides which of the 3 to use each restart. The stats of the sword change when it changes hands to a player of a different class.
  • Each sword has a medal you can get if you hold it for an hour in CPK, without leaving and without handing it to another player. The Bloodsword command shows how much time the player has continuously held it in CPK.
  • There are many types with a few in the game at once. No sword can be held by a player not logged into the game. They are always live in the game, but not always in CPK.
  • You can only give the sword to someone in CPK and only if you have been there for 5 minutes. When you do so there is a 4 second lag wait state for the giver and the taker and everyone in the game is notified when the Bloodsword changes hands.
  • Bloodswords are treated like normal weapons in terms of the rules of engagement. You cannot attack a bloodsword holder anywhere you would not normally be able to, unlike FAEBALL carriers. The sword simply requires time spent in CPK.
  • When you die in CPK, bloodswords stay on the corpse and must be looted. Note that this does count toward the loot limit. Even at loot limit 1 you do not have to take the sword - you could loot equipment and let them keep the bloodsword if you desired.
  • You cannot put bloodswords in a container.
  • If you take a bloodsword into a level-restricted CPK area you lose the sword and it pops in the underocean.
  • You cannot switch MODES when you have a bloodsword. If you die and are reanimated from the undead you must 'WEAR ALL' to put your stuff back on.
  • If you lose link for a minute or more the Bloodsword will pop to some random underocean area.
  • When the game restarts or suffers an unexpected crash and restart the swords will not exist for around 5 minutes. After that time they are recreated and given to the same people who had them before. If you were in CPK and trying to go for the medal, make sure you are in CPK within 5 minutes after a restart and the counter will continue seamlessly.

The Bloodswords

The following are the special benefits or disabilities the original swords gave the wielder:

Wretch Soulbane, stealer of hope
  • Player puts a bane on players they fight, which causes damage over time.
  • Players killed by the wielder cannot be resurrected, they must corpse.
  • Wielder incurs no blood.
The Lonewolf
  • Walking requires only one movement point regardless of modifiers, this works on your mount as well.
  • Player cannot be formed while wielding this weapon.
  • Player does 25% increased damage against all mobfactions.
  • Wielder receives 25% increased Hero points from killing Mobfactions.
  • Wielder receives 10-20 hps per mobfaction killed and 15-25 mana.
  • Wielder gets triple the amount of Fae using the FAEBALL.
Sangralia, the spirit of bloodlust
  • Wielder incurs twice as much blood as usual.
  • When wielded the sword will "absorb" 1 tick of blood per usual tick (thus ticking blood is twice as fast, too).
  • When the wielder is bloody the sword will increase in damage. The modifier is .25% (1/4 of 1%) per tick of blood with a hard cap of +30% damage.
  • Sword will randomly absorb blood from the ground in a room, healing the wielder for 10-20hps.
Stealth, the pilferer's preference
  • Randomly casts level 15 phantasmal image when wielded.
  • Doubles Fae from faeball and fae bats while wielded.
  • CPK loot lag is halved when wielded.
  • Attacks damage victim's mana as well as hitpoint, randomly from 1 to 1/3 damage to hp is also done to victim's mana.
  • Wielder is protected from iceshield counter attacks.
  • Wielder is protected from fireshield counter attacks randomly 1/2 of the time.
  • Wielder is immune to muffle.
  • Wielder is immune to curse.
Sanity's Edge
  • A number is picked between 2 and 20, and then those are the odds out of 100 of the sword yanking the wielder away from being tripped, this is like saying if( random( 1, 100 ) < random( 2, 20 ) ) no trip.
  • Player is immune to plague.
  • Sword cannot be disarmed.
  • The sword has a 7% chance to fire a rage skill attack regardless of wielders class, but only if the wielder or the victim has blood. This is lag free rage.
  • The wielder cannot "topple over the edge" and fall down to a room below.
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