MedLink is designed to be a place every player can get to instantly from the game and back again. As such it is sort of in between the game of Medievia and the real world where people log on as players. MedLink allows people to socialize instantly where without MedLink the players would have to get to each other via walking, dragons or summons. To get to MedLink just type LINK. When you are in the game and type link you are instantly transported to the entance to MedLink. When you want to return to your game type LINK again. You will be returned to the exact spot in the game that you linked from.

MedLink has more to offer then just the instant access. It has a casino with full working slot machines where some players have won millions of Medievia gold for their players. The casino also has card rooms where players can play card games with each other. The card game code is very in depth. We have seen more than one home lost in a game of poker. As you wander around MedLink you will see that it is full of interesting places to hang out. We plan on expanding MedLink quite a bit in our next full version, Medievia V.

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