A player may become a legend in their own right, spoken of in hushed tones in darkened rooms. They may be a saintly avatar, or perhaps the most cunning of thieves, the most puissant of mages, or even the most brutal of warriors.

Whatever your preferences in lifestyle, there is nothing quite as relaxing as spending time in your own home. Medievia allows, and even encourages, the wealthier players to purchase their own homes. This dwelling can be designed to your specifications - a fortress, a dark dungeon, or a cosy study with a roaring log fire. The choice is yours.

Players with a home, as well as their bloodline, can use the GOHOME command to instantly travel to their home's location, should they be close enough.

Do you feel like purchasing your own domain in Medievia? The mere pittance of 450,000,000 gold pieces is all it takes. Simply contact the realestate gods - see HELP REALESTATE within the game for details - to arrange your new dwelling.

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