Formations in Medievia differ from groups on other muds. In Medievia, the leader of a formation can arrange his followers so the warriors stand in front of the spell casters. The chance of being hit while in a formation depends on how the group is arranged. Players in the rear are rarely hit while the front players take the brunt of the damage.

A formation is a group of 2 to 9 players traveling together, following a leader. All members of the formation share experience points equally, based on level. However, if there exists a difference of more than 10 levels between any two group members, all players will receive less XP, and the division will be skewed. XP will only be shared among group members who are in the room at the time of the killing blow, regardless of whether they were fighting or not. Gold can be split equally among the group by any member by using the SPLIT [amountgold] command.

When organizing a formation, it is good to travel with at least one person from each class (warrior, cleric, thief, mage). Each group member has a specific job, and together they can create a very successful team. Normally, the warriors will be placed up front, while mages and clerics remain in the back.

To make a formation, a leader must be selected. All members of the formation must then follow the leader. From this point, the leader can move people to different locations within the formation.

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