The quest has been the staple of fantasy since the earliest days of storytelling. Myths and legends abound of heroic endevours to gain a prize, and now you have the same chance.

Autoquests are tasks and challenges set by creatures and people within the game that can take you to any area of the game. If you find an Autoquest scroll in the corpse of a creature you killed, or meet up with someone who has the letters AQ by their name, then you can take one such challenge.

Perhaps you will fight for a lady's honor against fearsome pirates. Maybe you will be required to find certain ingredients for a special spell. With over a thousand autoquests in the game, there are myriad paths you can take.

Not only do Autoquests challenge your general knowledge and game skills, but they also reward you. The grateful creatures that you assist will give you gold, but not only that they award you Autoquest Points which can be used to gain levels with (see the MLR section for details).

Commands available include AQ, AQ REVIEW, AQ HINT and more. Check HELP AQ within the game for the latest developments.

Since Autoquests began, they have proved to be one of the most popular features in the game. Take the challenge that thousands face.

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