Vryce wants the best feedback from the players for Medievia V. He wants the feedback to be almost democratic in nature and for the players to have fun at the same time. He came up with the idea of using pure primary politics to do the work. There are two parties, Chaos and Order. While in real life the USA uses Democratic and Republican to basically balance changes on the edge of Big Government/Small Government, Vryce has decided for Medievia that we want to balance all changes on the edge of Chaos and Order, as that is often the most basic part of any development decision. If a player runs for office with a particular change in the game as his or her main party platform, and they win, then the change will be seriously considered. It is that simple. This gives the players an officially elected leader who will sit with the gods for their term in office. The powers of the Governor are:
  1. Control of the press (the NEWS),
  2. They rule over the political channel,
  3. They have Vryce's ear and will generally have more access to Vryce than the gods do.
Okay, so thats the simple part, now for all the details:

  • Every clan picks to be one of two parties, either Chaos or Order. Players in Neutral clans may not run and therefore cannot affect the game.
  • Changing a clan's party after the initial selection will cost 100 million gold. A clan may abstain from choosing a party at the start, and stay neutral, but once a clan chooses a party it may never go back to neutral.
  • Every first day of the month any clan leader, co-leader, or clan member with the political privilege set can decide to run for election as the leader of Chaos or the leader of Order. They do not select their party, as their party is their clan's party. Vryce can veto anyone for any reason he chooses. Everyone running for election is allowed to speak on the community channel once every minute until the election is over. It costs 10 million gold to declare oneself a candidate.
  • Every third day of the month, both the Chaos and Order clans elect a leader each. This is a 24-hour voting process. This is like primaries in modern party political systems. Anyone in a Chaos or an Order clan can vote if they are level 31+ or have donated. Clanless players and members of neutral clans cannot vote in the primaries.
  • Every sixth day of the month, all players total level 31+ or that have donated can vote for either party elected player. All voting is a one-time shot and not editable or reversible. All voting is 100% anonymous.
  • Every seventh day of the month, the new leaders take over if a change happened or, if the old leaders were re-elected, their new terms begin.

  • The winner of the election is called Governor. The loser is called Mayor and also has some power.
  • Vryce has full veto power over every leader and can remove and replace the leaders at any time he wishes.
  • Vryce has moved his home to a new office in Medlink. There is an office building there with offices for Vryce, Governor, Mayor, and New Player gods. To get there go LINK, North, North, Up.
  • The Governor and Mayor can walk into Vryce's office at any time. Others will need permission to enter.
  • Vryce makes all possible effort to get to know the leaders, respond to all their emails, and include them in some highly selective development discussions that are always taking place - if he feels he can trust them to keep secret that which is not ready for the public.
  • Vryce does not give up one ounce of control of the game through this system. Leaders have no say in any discipline matter, player issue, game issue, in anything at all. What they do have is Vryce's ear and attention. They have the ability to change his thinking on occasion.
  • The Governor receives all emails sent to reporter@medievia.com and posts all NEWS by emailing it to Vryce. The Governor has complete control of the NEWS but Vryce has veto power over everything. The Mayor has nothing to do with the NEWS.
  • The leaders get new Medievia email addresses called governor@medievia.com and mayor@medievia.com.
  • The Governor and Mayor can debate with Vryce the changes they spoke of in their campaign agendas. The Governor even has the NEWS as a method to tell everyone what Vryce said when he coldheartedly denied the change! Changes requested that were not part of an agenda that Vryce knew about before the last election can also be discussed, but he will owe no official response. Vryce will care about what the players elected the leaders for, not so much what the leaders' personal wishes may be.

The Political Channel:
  • All players can hear this channel.
  • The Governor can speak on this channel as often as he or she wishes.
  • The Mayor can speak on this channel every thirty minutes, but if the Governor is online the Mayor also has unlimited use of this channel.
  • Candidates can speak on this channel once a minute during election time.
  • Clan Leaders and Co-Leaders can speak on this channel every five minutes if the Governor is online, otherwise every ten minutes.
  • Other players total level 31+, or that have donated, can talk on this channel once every thirty minutes. This costs the player 100,000 gold per comment. These restrictions ensure that the remarks there are thought about instead of idle chatter.
  • The Political channel is for politics only. Anyone bashing in any perceived way at all will be banned from the channel. This is our most honorable and friendly channel. Politics and game changes are the only thing that will be allowed to be discussed. Any idle chatter will result in banishment.
  • If either the Mayor or Governor bash other players in any way at all, they will be removed from power. Calm, cool debating is the only way to stay in power. Leaders will either represent the whole playerbase or be removed. No bashing by anyone is the rule.
  • The Governor has a good deal to say to Vryce about how he wants the Political channel controlled, how stiff or lax the rules are regarding its control, etc. Vryce, as always, has the final word.

Signposts for elections are not objects in the room or descriptions. They are the first use of our HRD module which allows for persistent room affects. These signposts stick around after reboots. When a player walks into a room with an election signpost, they will see the signpost regardless of brief or other settings. The signposts are not one line of text but a whole ANSI/ASCII signpost shape with text in the middle limited to 20 characters for the slogan. For example: "Vote Agria: CHAOS Rules!"
  • Every candidate gets to place 10 signposts in the wilderness. Signs cannot be placed in zones.
  • They can be no closer than 5 rooms away from another sign which means candidates that declare early can get the good spots for signs.
  • Signposts disappear after elections.

The players have an officially elected player representative who is honored among the gods. The game has an elected community leader who can directly affect the community through NEWS. Some leaders may effect real change, while others will not. These leaders and this voting system will be more and more instrumental as we begin installing new modules. The changes coming soon are massive, sweeping changes to the core of Medievia. We wouldn't attempt these without this community feedback.

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