The Catacombs are strongly linked to the Story of Medievia. Do you consider yourself a game expert? Do you dare to enter the CATACOMBS?

Before entering the Catacombs, know that this is not a normal zone. Each monster has unique abilities designed to test your strategy, will power, and tactics. Water reapers pour over you and take you for a ride. Thought slugs rip your mind open. Cave coral kills if there is light. Spooky cave paintings rip off the wall and attack. Dream weavers, dragons, eggs, and special room code everywhere. Special holosection code areas have been added, and they can only be entered by the most curious and diverse of means. The Catacombs are considered to be the haunted house of the gaming world. It is a zone with more code attached to it than most games have code period.

Do you have what it takes?

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