Hero Battles

Single combat is a concept that has echoed throughout history. Knights and Lords fought duels to the death for honor, land, and love. Urged on by the populace, they would use every ounce of their guile and skill to achieve victory.

The elite of Medievia, the heroes of the realm, are able to participate in events such as these as well. As the best of the best, heroes have proven themselves time and time again, but in a Herobattle they have to survive against their peers.

The Gods of Medievia invite heroes to participate in these contests from time to time and the whole game gets a chance to watch. Everyone online is able, through our Mindlink technology, to see exactly what the heroes fighting are doing. Take tips, root for your favorite hero, or even make bets with the Herowager command.

What do heroes face when they fight? A choice of two arenas, both with their own special aspects, tactics, and strategy, is only the beginning. Some natural laws are relaxed, and the equipment available to use is far beyond anything normally found in the gaming world. Most dangerous of all - they face each other.

The rewards for those who fight are considerable. Not only can you gain the adulation of your clan members and well-deserved bragging rights on the Immortal channel, but for the very best there are special mounts for them to ride just like dragons. A select few amongst the best will be awarded the CHAMPION HERO tag before their name - will you be one of that number?

With the world watching your every movement, dare you attain the highest rank and take part in a Herobattle?

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