In Medievia, as in the "real" world, the faster you walk/run, the quicker you run out of Breath. If you run fast through the wilderness, you are bound to get short of breath. If you move too fast and run out of breath you will notice yourself panting heavily, and if you continue on, you will begin to lose valuable Hitpoints. Breath is unique to Medievia at this time. Having a limit to how fast you can move around allows for more interesting game play. Medievia is on the cutting edge of game development by not letting the players type directions fast so they can go as fast as they like. This takes a lot of the fun of the game away as it is such an unfair advantage. On Medievia we have tracking so when you are running as fast as you can, attempting to escape the pursuit of some monster tracking you and you are panting, it is a lot of fun! Will you make it? Possibly you have a mount like a war horse which can run very fast as it has large lungs and a lot of breath.

To account for the HUGE wilderness in Medievia, we have created MOUNTS. Mounts, such as horses, will allow you to move faster across the terrain and reach destinations quicker without the loss of breath.

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