This feature of the game will allow you to pk for fun inside or outside of a player killing area. If you have duel turned on, it allows another player with the same flag to attack you, no matter where you may be. You are able to know which players have the dueling flag on by the (DUEL) flag that is next to their name. If you have the duel flag set, you will see a D at the start of your prompt.

Unlike normal player-killing, players do not receive blood when they attack others. On the same note, dying with the DUEL flag on does not reduce any of your blood time that you may have from before the duel.

If you die, DUEL is automatically turned off to prevent you from being pk'd multiple times in a very short period of time.

The only way to turn off (DUEL) is to make sure your hitpoints and mana are at full capacity before typing 'duel'. This is to prevent people from turning it off whenever they need to regenerate.

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