New Adventurer's Guild

New players come to Medievia all the time. With a game as advanced as ours, however, it can be a little overwhelming, and so you may need a little help from time to time. Who better than fellow clan members?

The Newbie clan is designed to give everyone experience of clan life and the chance to contact and team up with fellow players and learn together. Anyone between, and including, the levels of 2 and 26 (or above if your character was made within the last 90 days) can join or leave at any time just by typing NEWBIE.

So, what advantages are there to being in the Newbie clan? Firstly you have the advantage of being able to ask questions of your peer group - other new players who will have gone through the same things that you have (syntax: clan *message*). Then there are Avatars who are players who have reached the level of Hero and have proven themselves to be interested in and capable of helping new players. They will often be available to answer questions when their other activities permit.

We also have a number of specialist new player helping gods. They will help with information when online and occasionally even run zone parties, sometimes giving out treats to give you a head start.

You, the players, are the game. We'll do all we can to give you a reasonable start in your Medievian life.

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