Multi-Level Requirements (MLR)

To gain levels in Medievia, you must meet multiple requirements depending on what level you are and how often you have multiclassed. These requirements are called Multi Level Requirements, or MLR for short.

  • EXPERIENCE: is acquired by both fighting mobs and killing them.
  • AUTOQUESTS: points are acquired by completing AutoQuests.
  • LEADING: is acquired the same way EXPERIENCE is but you must be leading the formation and a formed player must be in the same room.
  • TRADING: this is pure profit you gain whilst Trading.
  • EGGS: Eggs are picked up in the Catacombs. Only eggs untouched by another player count. These eggs HUM as opposed to eggs someone touched.
  • DRAGONS: these are DragonPoints you gain while fighting a DRAGON LAIR dragon. Read HELP DRAGON LAIR for more information.

MLR and Multiclassing
  • In your first class: Experience, Leading Points
  • In your second class: Experience, Leading Points, Autoquests
  • In your third class: Experience, Leading Points, Autoquests, Trading
  • In your fourth class: Experience, Leading Points, Autoquests, Trading, Eggs, Dragons

When leveling you need to complete all but one of the MLRs, and experience is obligated. So if you've multiclassed once (second class), you can do either experience and leading, or experience and autoquests, depending on what you like best. And if you're in your third class and you really don't like to do autoquests, no problem, you can do experience, leading points and trading to level just fine.

Players who started their player at level 1 after the MLR module was released will be called a TRUE HERO. Current HERO's will be known as just HERO's. There will be no functional difference between the two, just bragging rights. If any current HERO has another player and gets that player from level 1 to 124 to reach a TRUE HERO, we will make the normal older HERO a TRUE HERO if the player requests it.

Use the LEVELS command to see what you need and where to level around Medievia.

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