New Players

We are proud of our sizeable player base on Medievia. At any given point you will find a cross-section of players of all skill levels - from the heroes who banter on the infamous immortal channel to the complete beginner.

We receive such new players on a regular basis. All players are the lifeblood of the game and we respect that. We know that Medievia can be overfacing when you are new and so we have established a number of systems to help you begin your career.

When you start playing the game you will be asked for a valid email address. You will be given the opportunity to receive an email giving you the background story to Medievia and a new player's guide. We advise that you peruse this at your leisure.

You will then be placed in Lumond's Haven and taught about the Learn command. The Learn command will help you quickly and easily learn different aspects of Medievia. A new topic is presented to you every time the command LEARN NEXT is issued.

You also have the opportunity to go through the Coyote Tutorial where the wise coyote will give you hands-on instructions in the very basic arts of surviving in the game. This is by no means compulsory but if you've never been on Medievia before then we suggest you try it.

After that you are in the game but by no means on your own. We have a HELP system that is the envy of the gaming world, dealing with almost every aspect of Medievia. Typing HELP NEWBIE at any time will reiterate the same information you received before and allow you to check on anything you may have missed.

We also have the Avatar system whereby carefully selected players are granted special powers to telepath new players, talk on the newbie clan channel and generally help as their time and activities allow. They can also reply to new players' prays and approve names (by level six we require that you have an acceptable name - please read HELP NAMES in the game for details). Please remember that avatars are players as well and may not always be able to help.

In addition, we have a number of gods whose main duties are to help out new players above all else. When active you will often see them chatting, explaining and helping on the newbie clan channel. Gods cannot give out equipment and there are some things we have to let you find out yourself, but we'll help where we can.

Certain areas were designed specifically for new players. Lumond's Haven is a great place to explore and learn how to play the game. Another area is the Xezadha Cathedral where new players can learn about the not-so-gentle art of Player Killing without being attacked by powerful heroes. The Great Tree allows easy access to areas which have been specifically set for a low level player to adventure in.

We have plenty of ways for you to learn the game - all we ask is that you respect your fellow player, have fun and ask if you're not sure. We like new players. You are the future.

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