Creatures of myth and legend, dragons are wondrous beasts - and we have more than you can shake a stick at!

We have dragons of all shapes, colors, and temperaments, but the one thing that binds them all is their love of gold. Dragons love gold more than they love chewing down on a nice juicy player.

Evil dragons will hunt you for your gold.
Good dragons will defend you from evil dragons or carry you around for gold.

It's as simple as that. CALL a dragon to take you to the farthest corners of the land, and it will cost you gold. You can go nearly anywhere you wish, as long as your dragon is able and willing to take you, for even dragons have their limits. Your gold will only buy their services for a limited time, and every dragon has a limited number of movement points.

Wandering the wilderness risks the chance that an evil dragon will start circling the area, looking for prey. If you see one hunting, get out of the area fast! Once it lands, it will start hunting around for a scent. If it finds your scent first, it will chase you relentlessly.

There are three ways to defend against a hunting dragon. You can run away and attempt to lose your pursuer by outdistancing it or by going over water, using the SURVEY command to keep track of your foe. You can CALL for a good dragon to come and attack the evil dragon. Possibly the most dangerous and fun way is to try and kill it by yourself. How many people can boast that they have killed a pursuing dragon? There are recorded cases of people deliberately seeking out hunting dragons, just so they can boast of such a kill.

This brings us to possibly the best aspect of dragons. Some people have made a career of hunting dragons, bearding the fearsome creatures in their lairs. Dragons do not die easily, and those who band together to rid Medievia of these terrifying creatures are known as DRAGON HUNTERS. It is not unknown for two full formations of heroes to enter a lair and return as zombies.

If hunting dragons in their lair is so dangerous, why do people do it? Dragons love gold, and they have to store it somewhere. Killing a dragon allows the hunters to loot its hoard, and there are many items that can be made from DRAGONHIDE.

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