Talking and Socials
Players may talk to anyone in the same room by using the SAY command. Socials are another way of communicating to other players. There are MANY socials in Medievia, but if you cannot find the one to describe your feeling, you can use the EMOTE command instead. Every form of communication in Medievia has a different color, making it easy to distinguish what form of communication it is. Socials and Says are only seen by those who are in the same room as you.

Say: Maria says, 'How are you today?'
Emote: Simon is glad to make your acquaintance.
Social: You jump in the air and slam a thunderous high-5 with him.

There are currently five channels in Medievia used for global communication. When you use a channel, everyone who has that channel on will see your message. Likewise, you will only see messages on a channel if you have it on. Each channel has specific guidelines, which should be followed.

  1. DEVELOP is a global channel used solely for the development and improvement of Medievia. This channel is seen by all who have it turned on, and may be used by all players level 6+. If abused, this channel may be taken away from any player. This channel is used VERY rarely.
    Example: Develop(Malkavian) 'how do you have someone at a cross road tell you which way is which?'.

  2. QUEST is used for the discussion of any quests that are currently being run. Quests are run by Gods and usually focus around finding objects and/or stalking and killing fellow players. QUEST can only be used when a god has it activated.
    Example: Carst Quests, 'is there a quest?'

  3. SHOUT causes your character to scream something out. Since Medievia prides itself in its realism, the farther away people are from the source of the shout the harder it will be for them to hear it. The message itself breaks up with distance.
    Example:You hear Finn shout, 'Whe.e is t.e near.st a.tar?'

  4. AUCTION is used for the selling of equipment, items and homes to the highest bidder. Medievia has a unique Auction system that is totally code-run.

In Medievia you can send any player a message at any point during the course of a day. With the new Message command you can write a message on a piece of paper and call an imp who then delivers your message to the person of your choosing. The message may take some time, depending on your distance from the person to whom you are sending the message.

Example: An imp appears and gives you a message.

Formation Talk
When in a formation, all members in that formation may communicate with each other using the FORMTALK command. This channel can only be seen by the members of your formation, but can only be seen by those members who are in the same room as you.

Example: Randalthor tells the formation, 'Lets go kick some Drow bootie'

Clan communication
Those players who have joined a clan have their own channel to speak on. They may use the clantalk command to talk with other members of their clan. This can only be done if the clan purchases a Clan Hall and an Orb. For more information about clans and clan communication see the Clan page.

Example: You feel Wart say, 'Where is the best place to trade Ale?'

Pray/Telepath to Gods
At any time a player may use the PRAY command to talk to all the Gods. If a player wishes to talk to a specific God they may use the TELEPATH command to do so.

Example for Pray: Torum prays 'for life'.
Example for Telepath: Chaosity telepaths you, 'How many practices do you usually get for a DC?"

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