Clantowns are an integral part of the landscape of Medievia. Many of the zones in the game fall into this category, the massive City of Medievia, the dwarven town of Riverton, the devastated City of Karlisna to name but a few. However, clantowns are different in one important respect - you, the players, build them.

Medievia gives you the chance to create your own zone within the myriad of other places to explore. Each one reflects the personality and theme of the clans who built it and could easily be taken as a guide when considering a clan as a home.

What does a clantown do for you? Primarily it is an extension of your clan's personality and a matter for pride. Medievia regards this so highly that the size of one's clantown is taken into consideration for determining your clan's ranking amongst the many in the land. A few extra rooms in size could mean the difference between being just another clan or one with a significant bonus to every member's hit points. Clanshops allow you to sell your equipment through a series of designated shops so that anyone can come along and browse the racks.

The various inhabitants you create for your town are treated just like any creatures anywhere else in the game. Every week the code changes their levels randomly so that there is always a clantown with experience levels suitable for most players in their adventuring. Add to that the clantown portal system, allowing people to travel long distances free of charge, you are sure to get many visitors to your creation.

Of course, this costs game money. In-game help files provide all these details as well as the rules for building, but you may be wondering if this is worth it. All we can do is point to the evidence - many clans have spent many millions of gold to build and keep up with their clantowns. They thought it was worth it and still do.

Clantowns form an integral part of the future plans for Medievia. Mob Factions will turn up to destroy your creation, forcing entire towns to band together and throw them out and repair their home. Barricade the front gate to prevent them coming in? Don't expect them to stay still - we plan on Mob Factions tunneling underneath and emerging somewhere inside your town, creating a new, permanent entrance.

As with everything else, we consider clantowns to be under constant development. Check the CHANGES command in the game regularly and refer to the rules for other new features. Medievia is always moving forward and clantowns are part of this!

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