Dragon Lairs

Medievia contains many dragons, and the most terrifying of these creatures live in lairs. These places are deep underground and are protected by the dragon's supernatural guardians. Hellfire and creatures that have never seen the light of day bar the way for any who dare venture within.

Of course, this is the very thing that attracts the bravest Medievians. Seeking fame and fortune, bands of dragon hunters frequently search out these lairs and descend into the depths of despair. Glory awaits the survivors, yet in addition, dragons amass great hoards of gold, and their hide can be used to form powerful magic items.

Those seeking a dragon lair can spend hours wandering around the wilderness. Crushed bodies, droppings, blood, and horrible smells are all good indications that a lair is nearby. It can be hard to spot the exact lair location, as it does not show on the main wilderness map. It is simply an exit down into the ground. However, adventurers who go TRADING have reported finding maps on the MOBFACTION they encounter. These maps allow a dragon hunter a much more precise guide to a lair's location.

Anyone in possession of a map can summon a dragon for flight and type FLY MAP to be taken directly there. Fellow dragon hunters can fly to the map holder's location by typing FLY *name*.

Those seeking a dragon should not go alone. Even the weakest of these creatures requires a full formation of heroes, and many more will be required for the strongest. A maze of tunnels, lakes of fiery lava, and submerged passageways await the attacking heroes, and then they have to contend with the guardians. The largest lairs can attract over one hundred protecting creatures.

At the very end of the lair, the survivors will see the den of the dragon. It will fight to protect this area, and it will not retreat easily. If it does, the attackers must press hard. If they are successful, the dragon will flee its lair and begin to lay waste to the nearest clantown.

The hunters must pursue in order to finish the dragon. They have a set amount of time to kill it before it flies away to find another lair. Dragons that escape will grow stronger, and this is something Medievia cannot bear. People will usually swarm to help the hunters kill the dragon, and those who assist are awarded Dragon Points towards their MLR scores.

Upon the death of the dragon, the original hunters will be able to loot the corpse of its hide. Dragons come in different colors, and the hide will reflect the nature of the dragon killed. There is a special place where dragon hunters can take their hide to have it made into rare equipment. This equipment is the most powerful in the game, but it comes with a a price - it will only last thirty days before crumbling.

Some dragons have attained legendary status, feared by all as unkillable. Some died only after a titanic struggle, and one, Zeksagmak, lives on in the form of literature in the Mudslinger.

The best ten dragon hunting players online are known as Dragon Hunters, and their fame is such that the dragons they mount for transport fly faster out of fear.

Dragons Lairs are the greatest challenge we have thrown your way. Do you dare enter?


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