Medievia has so far evolved at a rather frightening rate. Behind the scenes we have many gods working to improve the game in different ways, but how do you, the player, know about this?

We release Announcement items whenever something important comes up. If you log on and see ANN at the start of your prompt then something has happened and you may very well need to know about it. Just type ANN and see what's what - a new zone, a rules change or even a get together being arranged.

Just typing ANN will show the most recent unread news article or, if all have been read, the latest one. ANN followed by a number will show that particular news item. How do you know which one you will need? We have provided the rather handy ANNINDEX command so you can either search by keywords or just see the titles and keywords for all articles in a long column.

When do Announcement articles appear? Whenever they are necessary. You could see five in a week or one in a month, though the game does evolve fast enough to need a reasonable number. You can browse the old articles to see how Medievia has been developed but the latest events are in the latest files. Other smaller items of interest will be shown in the CHANGES file, things that affect the game but not to such a great extent.

Medievia is constantly under development - we like to keep you in touch with that.

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