The Classes

There are four classes in Medievia. Warrior, Thief, Mage and Cleric. When you begin playing you get to pick a class right of the bat, and as your level increases you will need to change your class. This is called Multiclassing, or 'to multi', and can be done once you've reached level 31 of that class.

A warrior's main duty is to protect the other group members. Because of their high hit points, they will usually be placed in the front line of a FORMATION where they will be subjected to most of the damage. A warrior will gain more hit points per level than other classes. However, their MANA will decrease as their training focuses more on physical skills. A warrior begins the game with a strength of 16. The warrior's armor class will decrease with every level of experienced gained, reflecting their increased combat training.

Thieves have many skills which could greatly help a group or completely destroy an opposing group. Thieves are very good as soloing adventurers. A thief will gain more hit points per level than a MAGE but not as much as a WARRIOR Thieves also gain MANA per level and begin the game with a dexterity of 16.

Mages have the ability to cast SPELLS at the expense of low hit points. They are normally placed in the back of a FORMATION where they can attack with offensive spells, without being harmed. A Mage begins the game with an INTelligence of 16. Because of a Mage's sole devotion to the Art, they only learn to use a few weapons in combat, such as: daggers, staves and darts. Mages gain much needed mana when they deal the "Death Blow". The mana gained depends on the alignment of the mage and the victim. If they are opposing alignments the mana gain (often called "kickback") is quite substantial.

A Cleric is a very valued member of a formation. They usually will need to be protected so that they are free to heal the rest of the form. For this reason, it is usually best to place them as far back and behind as many people as possible. Clerics have the ability to cast spells and have about the same hitpoints as a thief, but begin the game with a wisdom level of 16. Due to the religious training of a cleric to a Deity, they are not permitted to use bladed weapons, such as daggers and swords; therefore clerics should concentrate their powers on healing more than fighting.

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