Fae Ball

The carrier of the Fae Ball gains gold and fae as long as they hold the ball. The carrier gets 1/2 a quest point for every minute they hold the ball if the had it for 5+ minutes.

There are 4 seperate medals:
  • The carrier gets a medal if the ball is held for 1+ minutes.
  • The carrier gets a medal if the ball is held for 10+ minutes.
  • The carrier gets a medal if the ball is held for 30+ minutes.
  • The carrier gets a medal if the ball is held for 60+ minutes.
This is a PK game where one person almost always has the one ball and other people are trying to kill the carrier to get the ball.

There is now someone in PK, so to speak, and someone to PK with every second of every day, forever, which is cool. It is a side diversion to try every once in a while, anytime you like.

The larger the playerbase we have the more gold and fae we will make it give.

The FAEBALL command shows you:
  • Who is carrying the ball and who they are fighting.
  • Who they are formed with.
  • How far away the ball is.
  • What direction the ball is, in heading and words.
  • How long they had the ball.
  • ow much gold and fae the ball has collected so far, which will be given to the next person to be killed as they hold the ball.
The FAEBALL command costs 5,000 gold per use and it can be used when on dragonback.

On average Fae Ball collects 100 million gold per day if always on a road. We expect it to average 40-60 million a day. It is hard to stay on a road when you are hunted.

On average Fae Ball collects 20 million fae per day if always near water. We expect it to collect 11-16 million per day.

  • The carrier shows up as a purple man on the map displayed as you walk.
  • Anyone can attack the ball carrier.
  • Mobs the Fae Ball carrier is engaged with are exempt from killstealing rules. See HELP KILLSTEALING for more details.
  • The carrier can attack anyone who attacked a carrier in last 10 minutes.
  • Anyone formed with the carrier can attack anyone fighting the carrier.
  • Anyone can attack people formed with carrier when carrier is fighting.
  • The ball amasses fae and gold automatically every 1/4 of every second.
  • The ball must be near the ocean( where fog happens ) to collect fae.
  • The ball collects ten times more gold when on a road.
  • The only way to get fae and gold is to be killed while holding the ball.
  • The player gets the gold but the fae goes to the clan hall Fae Orb.
  • The player that kills the ball carrier gets the ball and is teleported somewhere not too close but not too far away, also get healed.
  • The player that kills the ball carrier gets 20% of the gold and fae.
  • If the carrier idles out the ball is dropped.
  • The carrier loses the ball if they leave the wilderness.
  • The carrier cannot be tripped.
  • The carrier cannot hide.
  • The carrier cannot mount.
  • The carrier cannot enter PK wilderness, the ball is dropped outside.
  • The carrier cannot gohome, quit, link, phase, teleport, be summoned, use portals, call dragons, recall, etc.
  • The carrier is slightly slowed down, slower than the average player.
  • The carrier has SANCTUARY as long as they hold the ball.
  • The carrier cannot remove the ball, it is always held.
  • The DM will occasionally announce when someone has it a long while.
  • The DM will announce when someone is killed after the victim had it a long time.
  • After a restart or a crash the Fae Ball is disabled for 5 minutes and then if the player who had it before the restart is online they will receive the ball automagically.
The Fae Ball has a very cool part in the story of Medievia. Read Chapter 1 of the Story of Medievia to find out where it came from, and about the six seconds that changed the world.

There will soon be two Fae Ball TOWNGAMES, RACE to X minutes controlling the ball, and Tug-Of-War by controlling the Fae Ball. Copyright Copyright 1992-2018#0169; 1992-2018 Medievia.com, Inc.
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