Player killing - there are many Medievians who indulge in this activity in the belief that there is no finer target than one's fellow player. Indeed, there are some players who occupy every spare moment in pursuit of this particular prey. Through the designated player killing areas they prowl, eager for their next target. Of course these player killers will have to recharge their energies at times and, when in a non-player killing area, they are safe.

Or are they?

Attacking a fellow player in Medievia will splash your hands with the blood of your victims. This slowly wears off, but while your hands are blooded nearly every area is a player killing area when people wish to attack you. The rules are simple - attack someone who is much weaker than yourself and you will receive much more blood than you would attacking someone who is of equal or higher level than your own. Attacking a blooded player will reduce the amount you receive as well.

Of course, the overall effect of this feature can be that attacking a player with Blood in a non-player killing area will result in the attacker gaining blood themselves. With the number of players we have online, this can sometimes lead to an extended fracas where everyone in the area joins in - and that's when the fun begins. A whole zone can be turned into a player killing zone with blood and active participants. Of course, there are people who do not wish to be attacked - they simply have to avoid attacking another player and they are perfectly safe.

We advise you to read the HELP files on blood (and associated topics) fully to be aware of the ramifications of player killing.

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