You have your feet and movement points. You can obtain horses and other mounts. Despite this assistance, Medievia is still huge.

We have provided you, the lucky players, with dragons. Not only can you be hunted by the more surly examples of these mythical beasts, but you can call on the aid of a good dragon to transport you vast distances in a relatively short time. From level seven you can use the CALL command. Simply mount your dragon when it arrives. After this, the world is your oyster as long as your gold holds out.

Do you want to see the glistening dwarven community of Riverton from the air? Visit ruined Karlisna? Sandy Dray'Mar? Just tell your dragon where you want to go and enjoy the ride!

Not everything in life is free, and dragons, as confirmed by legend, love gold. If you don't have enough on you, the dragon won't turn up - so make sure you're carrying plenty around. Can't remember where you left your dragon? Simply call for it again, and it should come to your position.

Is the cost worth it? Stand in Castle Square in the City of Medievia for a while and watch the number of people calling for their a steed, not to mention those who are arriving and disembarking. There are so many that we have put in code to allow you to not see the messages should you wish to avoid the mass of information. This can be so confusing for the beginner that we've defaulted this setting to 'off' for any new adventurer, allowing them to acclimatise to the game before they go any further. We play the game and try to think ahead for you - we know what problems new players face. There are only so many dragons you can take at once.

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