Player Killing

Player killing is very popular amongst the text-based games in existence and Medievia is no different in that regard. Some games have no limits to it and others have none at all. We allow you to make up your minds.

That's right - in Medievia you can choose to play in safe areas or in dangerous ones. Some entire stretches of the wilderness are player killing areas where you can be attacked by, or even attack, your fellow player. Some zones are similarly dangerous. We have many areas where you cannot be attacked - which do you want to risk?

Not only do we have player killing, we also have different kinds of player killing for you to try.

Neutral Player Killing (NPK)
  • In NPK you will not suffer a real death, but you'll be transported out of the area to a random location not too far away, with 1 hitpoint left.
  • You will not loose any items, gold or xp when you are killed.
  • You will not not gain any items, gold or xp when you kill a player in NPK (you cannot loot them).

Grave Neutral Player Killing (GPK)
  • Unlike in NPK areas, you can die a full death in GPK areas. You will not be resurrected, and you will need to wait and pray at an altar 10 minutes later.
  • Unlike CPK and LLCPK however, other players cannot loot you.

Chaotic Player Killing (CPK)
  • You will die just like a mob.
  • You may loose MLR points if killed by another player. You can even loose a level!
  • You loose all gold on you if you are killed!
  • You can be looted by other players, even if you were killed by a mob.

Loot Limit Chaotic Player Killing (LLCPK)
  • Like in the CPK areas, you will die just like a mob in LLCPK.
  • You can be looted by other players, even if you were killed by a mob.
  • The number of items and MLR that can be looted is limited. For example, if the loot limit in that area is 2, then you can be looted only 2 items and at most lose 20% of your MLR points.

CPK and LLCPK areas are the areas where the blood really starts pumping. These areas are so dangerous that we make you enter a prompt to acknowledge your agreement to enter them. What's so dangerous? Being killed by another player there will be treated like dying to an ordinary creature, but you also lose your gold, a level of experience, and anyone alive in the area can start to take your equipment. That is the point when you know it was an expensive risk or, if you were attacking, a successful foray. CPK is dangerous, not just for you but for your enemies.

The fun doesn't stop as soon as you leave a PK area, though. You may have been a bit naughty and assaulted as many fellow players as possible, but going into a Lawful area will not always help. Attacking fellow players will put BLOOD onto your hands and they can track you down using the BLOOD command. With BLOOD you can be attacked even in Lawful areas and it only wears off slowly.

Our players like the fun of PK so much that we have also added the DUEL command to arrange combats in otherwise Lawful arenas. We also have Adversary, a game within the game, where you can experience PK in a strange environment, and an arena dedicated to CPK for one on one combats with the ultimate risk.

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