In Medievia, when you flee from something and it is a higher level than you it will most likely attempt to hunt you down. As you walk around Medievia you actually leave a SCENT. If something is tracking you, you will know as you see on your screen something like, "You get the strange sensation that you're being followed."

It is possible to trick the hunter by finding some water. When you travel in water, either by walking, flying or boat, you do not leave a scent.

Tracking can make the game very difficult. In the end it makes the game much more entertaining. Other games that attempt tracking fail to see its real strength. It ONLY works well if you have the massive Wilderness along with something like our Breath so the player cannot simply run fast from the hunter. If you are being tracked in the wilderness and you are mounted, you should RUN! Where do you run? ANYWHERE! Anywhere across country where no player may have ever been if you like. With four million rooms, hunting, your breath panting and the thrill of the chase, tracking is a ton of fun.

Thieves also have the ability to TRACK mortals for playerkill areas.

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