Mobfactions are programmed mobiles of many varieties that all have knowledge and like or dislike of each other. Some mobfactions help players but most do not. Some like each other and others do not. It is the interaction between mobfactions that makes the game as dynamic as possible.

Almost every game is run by scripts. They use scripts to load monsters and scripts to run monsters. Mobfactions are a totally new game design concept.

How they are created:

The Dungeon Master (DM) tracks every party's adventures within the wilderness or upon the sea in the areas of sadness, happiness, pride, and fear. The DM attempts to understand how the party is feeling by watching everything that happens. A formation of players is a party. A ship is a party. A clantown is a party. It attempts to balance happiness vs. sadness, pride vs. fear, and many other emotional connections. If you are sad it sends help. If you are to proud it makes life harder. If you are not afraid something is wrong. If you are not happy you must be bored so it takes care of that as well.

Each sector of the game map of 100 rooms X 100 rooms is also tracked in this way. Each campaign that battles mobfactions has its emotional state tracked. All of this information is used by the master DM to make sure everyone is having a good adventure. The DM knows how you are doing, how local people or ships are doing, how the local area as a whole is doing, and finally how the mobfactions themself are feeling. When you play Medievia in the wilderness or on the open seas, the DM is watching!

So as you can see mobfactions are not loaded by some script, or timer, or any other 'cheat'. They are made in the same way and for the same reasons a player DM at a tabletop role-playing game would make them, and adjusted on the fly.

Some of the wilderness mobfactions when trading:

Some of the ocean mobfactions when on a clanship:

  • Serpents are large mystical creatures that inhabit the seas of Medievia.
  • Fae Crabs are the best source of fae and caught via harvesting the ocean.
  • Aquoderms have a pack mentality and will go to the crows nest to call for help.
  • Searams circle your ship and then ram it, board it, and attack!
  • Emerald Kah answer calls for help and may ride your bow for more ship speed!
  • Firesticks blow up when you cast spells.
  • Kraken are giant creatues with very long telescoping arms.
  • Sea Griffins use the ship as a hatchery and help you as they do.
  • Sea Termites can't be undetected until it is to late!
  • Firemoths appear when the sun sets; Watch out for your sails!
  • Night Sirens woo and attack all males aboard the ship.

Some of the mobfactions from Afar:

  • Giant Sea Slugs are the size of a mountain and take 30+ heroes to defeat.
  • Hellraider is a chaotic player kill area mob that may crucify you.
  • Hellreaper lives on a flying cpk citadel from hell.
  • Voroderms live in tunnels and can grow 50 rooms long.

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