The large part of Medievia not occupied by a town or a city is called the Wilderness. As of right now, this Wilderness consists of about four million rooms. Once in the wilderness and out of a city, a player will see an ANSI map of the terrain of the wilderness around him. This map has its best effects if the player has a color telnet application.

The wilderness appears as a map like the one above as you walk around it, but each room is a real room just like any other room in Medievia. We show it as an ANSI map so you can see further away. The whole concept is unique to Medievia V. When you are in a room you can type LOOK to see the normal room description. The map you see above was created by a mage spell called WIZARD EYE. The actual map you see as you walk around will be smaller depending on time of day and the weather.

The whole wilderness concept has been a smashing success and a tribute to what can be done when people get together and rethink what a mud should be. If you go to the Large detailed map of Medievia you will see that what you see above is right in the middle. The main black area represents the City of Medievia. The WHITE @ indicates where you exit the wilderness and enter a much more detailed zone. You can see the Blue ~~ areas as streams and the roads are brown. As you can see, the colors and symbols are very realistic in and of themselves.. The Medievia wilderness and ANSI map generating code is one of the many improvements in Medievia V.

The Wilderness in Medievia is a very dangerous place in which to travel, as there are numerous wandering monsters out there to attack you and to track you down and kill you. Once a monster catches your scent you will immediatly feel as if someone is following you and should prepare for a battle.

Although the Wilderness is very dangerous, it is extremely necessary to traverse it to trade and to get from place to place. One way to make the trek easier is to hire a Dragon to fly you from place to place while another is to get a horse to mount to take you across the terrain.

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