Have you got spare equipment that you really don't need? Spare cash and you desperately need a top of the line piece of equipment? Then check out Medievia's comprehensive auction system where all your financial and equipment needs can be met.

Completely code driven and automatic, the auction system allows you to put nearly any item up for sale with a minimum bid and anyone, anywhere in the game, can bid on it. A set time limit for bids is given to avoid overwhelming people with information about unwanted equipment. If no-one is interested you can always try at a lower price or at another time. Just ran a zone and acquired a choice piece of equipment? Either use the item and sell your old gear, or sell the new piece for whatever people are willing to pay for it - it's that easy.

When auctioning an item it is placed into the queue, steadily moving up the ranks until it is placed into one of the bidding slots for all to see. Feel the thrill and expectation as players vie with each other to buy your merchandise. Consider the risk of canceling the auction - at a cost - hoping for a better price at a later date once people's appetites have been whetted.

Conversely, you may be on the lookout for a particular item to enhance your prowess. Watching the auction queue and each of the five bidding slots can sometimes be most rewarding. Enter bidding wars with other players until you either decide that the item isn't worth it, or buy the equipment at any cost - the choice is yours.

A rather comprehensive array of filters exist to allow an experienced bidder to select just which items they want to see. Some people even make a profit by buying when they think an item is cheap and selling for a profit at a later date. Busy at all times of the day and night, the auction system is something a player just cannot afford to ignore.

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