People don't always act nicely. Occasionally they will break the rules and spirit of the game. This is where the gods occasionally have to be brought in. We'd prefer not to be needed, but we allow all players a chance to work within the rules we set down (read HELP RULES in the game).

Perhaps you managed to player kill someone and they hated it so much that they called you something unpleasant. You could be in the middle of fighting a creature when someone else comes and steals your experience points by joining in without permission. Just use the PRAY command and let us know about it. The gods are given powers to deal with such matters as and when required.

What sort of things are illegal? Read HELP RULES and you will see. The main thing to remember is that we like players of all ages to join in and bad language is only tolerated to a minor degree. As with this and all other rules, feel free to ask a god if you want to find out if something is wrong before you make a mistake. Most of the answers are already in HELP RULES but if you are not certain then please make sure.

In general, we take the view that people will learn from their mistakes. We will warn in some cases but, if the offence is bad enough, we will freeze the offender. This normally results in loss of access to that character for three days - enough time to cool down and the offender can play other characters in that time. We want people to play and be nice about it - we'll give you the chance.

When needed, contact: discipline@medievia.com

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