This command allows you to link minds with available players. You will see everything the person does and sees, even if they make a typo. You will see all battles, commands they use, tells, everything.

For the most part, mindlink sources will be HEROES in HEROBATTLES, which you may watch from either combatant's point of view.

Mindlink sources can toggle mindlink gag on and off. Herobattles default to having the gag on, but heroes in the battle can toggle it off if they wish. Having the gag on will block anyone from seeing any of their statistics, names of the rooms they are in, the status prompt or any exits. If the gag is off, you will see these things as if you were the player that you are watching. Other mindlinks, such as those created for quest finals, default to having the gag turned off.

mindlink - shows currently available mindlinks.
mindlink *name* - mindlinks you to the named player.
mindlink done - stops your current mindlink.
mindlink gag - for competing players only, allows them to prevent viewers from seeing their statistics, room names, and exits.

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