Medievians have access to many strange and wondrous items from their adventures. People love to hoard their loot, sometimes for sentimental reasons, and sometimes for more practical motives. The problem is that there are many thousands of items in the game, and if even a small percentage of these are useful to a particular character for particular circumstances, that still means that he can easily be overburdened.

To aid the laden player, LOCKERS are available to store equipment. The first one most players become familiar with is next to the bank in Castle Square in the City of Medievia. There, for a modest sum, one can rent a locker for a full month. Lockers can even be rented for many months in advance, and many players do just that.

What good is a locker if you are on the other side of the world from where you left your stuff? Most large cities have rooms for lockers, and a special trans-dimensional magic connects them. Any item you put into any locker in the game is always available at any other locker, whether it be a piece of fairy cake or a section of dragon scale.

People sometimes forget to continue paying their rent. The locker company used to claim your goods in payment for their services, but a more generous management has taken over running the system, and you can pay a higher backdated rent to reclaim your gear.

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