Medievia is fun - quests are a way to pack even more fun into your playing experience! Not only do we have an entire world where you can freely explore with your comrades, but we also have a dedicated staff whose main duty is to entertain you, the player, with diverse and occasionally perilous games.

With over thirty quests that could be played at any moment, we have something for everyone - free for all combats, team based combats, games set against creatures, word games, trivia and many more. Some are aimed at high level players, some at relatively new players and others are completely open - we don't believe that anyone should be without a chance. Behind the scenes our team is dedicated to working out new quests with their own distinct flavors.

What do you get for winning a quest? Prizes are available in some quests, others grant you quest points to be spent on a quest auction or in the quest shop. These are not items that you can obtain anywhere else in the game so the stakes are indeed high.

We consider quests to be so important that we have a quest shop dedicated to the events and doings, complete with a board for all the quest information and news. Pop over to the Warrior's quarter, seek out Journey Road and spend time browsing. Quests are never scheduled in advance and are run as and when the gods in the quest team have time. Read WIZLIST QUEST in the game and you will see that we have a large team so there is usually something going on every day.

Quests include, but are not limited to:

EliminatorTeam EliminatorChaos
FishingDeep Sea FishingScrapple
DarkSunPirateship PKPortal Quest
PurgatoryGladiatorTournament of Champions
Warrior of the ClothRelic QuestBelt Championships

You can read more specific information about each quest by typing HELP (QUESTNAME) from within the game or by searching for a quest name in the MedHelp engine here on MedWeb.

Quest Points
In the game you can use the QP command to see a breakdown of Quest Points given out:

In the game you can use the QP command to see a chart for the ways to gain Quest Points:

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