There are many places and features to explore in Medievia.

The EXPLORATION feature is all about zones as shown in LISTZONE. These are the zones you adventure in to gain experience and equipment as you play with your friends. Many of the zones will have special EXPLORE objectives you can complete if the zone is shown as open in EXPLORE ZONES.

You can complete the objectives in any order, and once you complete them, you are marked as having explored the zone.

You gain a huge amount of experience when you finish a zone for the first time. You gain the experience once per zone per character.

This means that the game is a game of exploration! You should go to every zone and explore the whole world!

The EXPLORE command tracks everything for you:
  • EXPLORE O shows the objectives in the zone you are in and all the information you need to know.
  • EXPLORE O PLAYERNAME shows this for another player you are formed with.
  • EXPLORE Z shows the zones, if you completed them, and how much exp each will be worth at your level.
  • EXPLORE Z PLAYERNAME shows this for another player.
When you finish a zone, you are marked forever as having finished it, and your PRIMARY player is also marked as having finished it, but they get no experience.

This is key because there are new tags in front of your name and medals to be had. These work off your PRIMARY player, who becomes the total of all of the zones your characters have explored.

This means that even if you are playing a new BLOODLINE kid, the tag you will have in front of your name will be that of your PRIMARY player. Completed objectives for zones you have not completed do not remain completed forever, but they are saved across restarts. The typical objective lasts 1.5 to 3 hours but some last for a week or more for our more challenging zones. EXPLORE O shows how long the next objective you have completed or partially completed will run out, which means you would have to complete that objective again.

The experience gained when you finish a zone is limited to 1/2 the difference between the experience needed from your current level to the next.

The experience gained is a lot and turns the game from one of knowing a few zones and farming them for experience over and over, to one of going out and exploring all the zones, ideally only doing each one time unless you are after equipment.

The statuses in EXPLORE Z are explained below:
  • Closed: Explore for zone is closed, usually to rework an objective
  • InDesign: A god is actively working on designing the zone's objectives
  • DesignEdit: The text and structure of the objectives are being edited
  • WOMEdit: A WOM is in the process of approving the zone's objectives
  • Open: Open for players to explore
The whole concept of this exploration feature came from the basic question about retaining new players. They do LEARN NEXT, LEARN NEXT, learn stuff and go to some places and then are dropped in the largest game in the world. How can they know where to go next and who to go with?

The solution is this EXPLORE feature: EXPLORE S suggests where to go next!

It looks at your formation, how many are in it, your levels, and it looks at the information in ZONEINFO to decide which zones your formation is capable of running. It then looks at which zones the players in your formation have finished, as well as their primaries, and makes suggestions as to where is best to go next.

This means new players can just form up with similar leveled players and type EXPLORE SUGGEST to quickly decide where to go. EXPLORE SUGGEST shows one asterisk (*) for one player finishing the zone, and up to nine asterisks if all nine members of the form have finished it. It shows RED if it is you that has finished it, yellow if you have not but your PRIMARY has, and magenta if it is another player in the formation.

This makes it very easy to decide where to go next, even with perfect strangers. Everyone in the formation instantly knows what zones are runnable, and how many of you have done them, and if you or your primary has done them, as well as how much experience it is be worth to you. Also check the file "EXPLORE CAVEATS", which lists zones that are harder to explore than you might think.

It is quick and easy to form up and get to a meaningful adventure exploring the massive world together. Just use the CE channel and announce 'levels 15-21 forming up to explore' and say what room to join you in etc.

There are limits, though.

If someone completes an objective, everyone in the formation is marked as having completed it as well but only if they are in the same room or an adjacent room and within 7 levels of the player triggering the objective.

This means you want a formation within 7 levels of each other and you want to stick together in the zone. Ideally you want to be within 6 levels if the player with the highest level may level soon.

There is one medal for each tag you can get next to your name:
  • (Traveler) explored 50-65% of the zones
  • (Adventurer) explored 66-80% of the zones
  • (Explorer) explored 81-90% of the zones
  • (Pioneer) explored 91-99% of the zones
  • (Pathfinder) explored all but one explorable zone
Again note that you want to set your PRIMARY on all of your players so each gets the same tag, that of your primary player, who gets the zones marked complete whenever any of your players complete them, assuming you have PRIMARY set.

Also note that new zones are opened all the time and we intend to never stop making them. Can you explore the largest game ever made?

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