Little is known about the Khrait except that they are man shaped and covered in reptile scales instead of skin. They are a species that moves from world to world, from dimension to dimension. It is rumored they have even been to hell and back. Their knowledge of how to use Fae and Rae magic together is what makes them so omnipotent. Their science is weak but their magic is stronger than any magic known to our world.

They have very powerful mages that can control serpents, the Ruby Kah, Hellraider, Hellreaper, and just about any other being from afar. It is said that they appear on new worlds in a fog on the ocean. They take over the land, steal all of the rae magic, and leave a ruined landscape devoid of any magic or life. We know that they are coming and that they believe Medievia is the biggest source of magic of any of the local worlds.

Now it has come to our attention that this time they are not coming as world conquerers.

This time they are running from something even more dreadful, even more dangerous.

Something they made has gone terribly wrong. Marious expects the first Khrait ships to appear soon as they begin to map our ocean and make their invasion plans. They mean to invade and make a stand on our world against what is pursuing them. We are in their way.

When you capture a Khrait ship, their massive Fae magic is split between the capturing party using the same ratio as the capturing ship's current Fae distribution.

WARNING: If you dock a ship that your clan owns with Khrait still on board and then leave the ship, the Khrait will take the ship over in order to sink it. The clan is penalized 1 MILLION FAE.

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