Like any good world, Medievia is rampant with random weather. Some weather may be mundane, such as rain, lightning, tornadoes, and hurricanes while some may be fantastical, such as the fire storm, magic storm, or wasp storm. Weather can have detrimental or beneficial effects, depending on your perspective. Rain and lightning are good because they drastically increase the effectiveness of lightning spells, though at the same time you run the risk of getting struck by lightning in the latter storm. Magic storms can be extremely helpful, allowing mage spells and magic-users to be far more efficient with their mana. Other types of storms are downright nasty, such as the sneaky tornado. Tornadoes roam the landscape annihilating all players in their paths. However, Medievians are not without resources. Two new commands at their disposal to increase their chances of survival. The weather command will display a brilliant color-coded map of all the storms in the area. The forecast command will accurately predict what storms will arrive and when. All in all, weather creates a far more unpredictable and dynamic Medievian landscape.

Medievia has the best weather and storm system found in games. All storms are actual fluid moving storms that affect each other. It is a true simulated storm system that encompassses both localized and regionalized weather.

The storms of Medievia and their effects:
  • Tornadoes: If you're caught in a tornado, you will be killed. lifted up and dropped as far away as 60 moves.
  • Hurricanes: will do pretty bad damage to you as long as you are outdoors. If you are protected by a room shield the damage will be 1/4.
  • Firestorms: These storms are magical by nature. It rains threads of magical red light. These storms do no damage except that all spells are rendered useless as the firestorm dampens the magic.
  • Magicstorms: This storm is one all players will love. When you are in a magic storm, all of your hp and mana regen is twice as fast. This happens if you are outdoors or inside. Mages will also use 1/2 the mana they may normally use to cast spells, as Mages tap into this magic.
  • Waspswarm: Very often the evil in the land produces some very nasty swarms of wasps! These swarms can be very large. If you are outdoors they will sting you over and over.
  • Lightningstorm: These are just your normal thunder storms. Yes, you can still get hit!
  • Rainstorm: Very harmless rain.

The weather command will show local storms

Forecast Command
This command calls an air elemental to pop in and tell you if it sees any storms coming. It will tell you what, if any, storms will hit the area you are currently in, what kind of storm, how many REAL LIFE minutes till it hits, and from what direction you should expect it. KEEP IN MIND that the storm system is very complex and these forecasts will be about as accurate as real life forecasts.

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