Everything in Medievia is stored internally so as players can see what direction and how far away things are.

This is an output from a typical person typing survey:

In the immediate area, you see an adult, silver dragon carrying Soleil flying Eastbound.
In the West tens of miles away, you see pillar of smoke rising from a campfire.
In the North in the distance, you sense a holy place touched by the Gods.
To the East several miles away, you see the top of the Great Tree.
In the immediate area, you see the shimmering golden spires of Castle Medievia.

As you can see, this allows you to see many things from a distance. You may be walking down a road and notice that you can see on the Wilderness map a swamp to the east. You type survey and notice the tops of an ancient pyramid not to far off in that general direction. It is very realistic and lends itself to making your stay at Medievia FEEL as if you were actually in a world, not like in a normal game where you follow pre-planned routes and roads that you cannot stray off of. In Medievia you can go where you want and get totally lost. In over 4 million rooms, without the Survey command you would get lost very quickly.

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