You will be awarded medals for certain achievements on Medievia. The medals are not actual objects, but are listed in our players’ collections as colorful reminders of past triumphs. Once a player earns a medal in Medievia, they cannot earn the same medal again, even if he or she repeats the feat that originally earned it. Most medals are awarded automatically by the game after you accomplish something special, but others will be awarded by the gods for particular achievements or contributions. Players automatically receive a note via the postal system indicating that they were awarded a medal.

Please note that there is no master list of medals, and we won't be making one available. Part of the fun of this is regularly discovering new medals! However, for reference, some examples of medals include:
  • medals for achievements in daily, monthly, weekly, and lifetime trade, AutoQuest, experience, and egg points
  • a medal for remaining loyal to your clan
  • a medal for having the misfortune of being struck by lightning
New and different medals are constantly being added to the game by the gods. Medals have been a part of Medievia since June 2003, and many players have amassed quite a collection! If you are a veteran player, there are always more and more metals to acquire. If you are new to Medievia, or are considering playing, start putting together your collection now! (In fact, you’ll be an awarded your first medal for completing your new player lessons!)

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