Players form clans. Clans form towns. Towns, in Medievia, can participate in friendly games to display their prowess.

The rules are quite simple. A member of a town, with the appropriate privileges, uses the commands to announce that his or her town is ready for a Towngame. All other players with the privileges are informed that someone wants a game. Everyone has a chance to accept the proffered gauntlet and opponents are randomly selected.

When a game begins, the exact nature and parameters of the game are decided randomly by the code; egg games are based on the number of eggs recovered from the Catacombs, trading games are based on trading points acquired, and so forth. The style can be either a TOW or a RACE game; races are a competition to see which town reaches the randomly selected target first, tow games have a display (like a tug-of-war) where a town has to get ahead of their competition by a significant amount to win.

Towngames count towards the clanranking of all clans in the participating towns, and even the losing team will usually be awarded some points. The points awarded depend on the difference between the towns involved - if a lesser clan beats a highly ranked opponent then they receive far more points than the other way around. As an added incentive, some players on the winning side will be awarded quest points for their efforts.

CTF (Capture the Flag) is a special Towngame where the players form teams, enrolled by a town member with the Towngame privilege. It is run in a special arena coded specifically for the purpose. The CTF arena is a randomly arranged zone which changes every time one team scores. To score, you must collect the opponent's flag and return it to your flag room when your flag is there. The first to reach the target score wins. Sounds simple? You have the benefit of a handy map that allows you to see the arena and the location of the flags, but you have to coordinate amongst your town members to defend your flag and locate the enemy's. At the same time, they will be doing the same to you. If you have their flag then you cannot flee or escape in any way other than dying. Are you better organised? Have you got better strategies? Do you have a better town? Can you Capture the Flag?

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