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Articles Written By Reporter Allyio

December 3, 2006
How do we really feel?
November 11, 2006
Halloween Season a Great Success
October 15, 2006
Where Have all the Heroes Gone?
October 15, 2006
Deckhands Ahoy!
October 15, 2006
Catacombs 101
September 19, 2006
Downfall of the Redemption
September 13, 2006
A Family Dynasty Continues
May 28, 2006
Outlaw Legion Wreaks Havoc on the High Seas
May 6, 2006
As the World Turns
April 22, 2006
Easter Festivities
March 25, 2006
Anything but Normal
March 25, 2006
Sea Dragons Are Here!
March 25, 2006
Hellraider Crucifies Reporter
March 25, 2006
A Day in the Life of the Roving Journalist
March 21, 2006
Conspiracy Theory Backfires on Reporter
March 11, 2006
Reporter Eats Crow (or Crab?)
March 2, 2006
The Slaying of the Dragon Anialakmyr
February 14, 2006
Goania the Disappearing Dragon
February 4, 2006
Do you Dare Enter?
February 4, 2006
Serpent Hunting
February 4, 2006

Allyio's Profile:

  • Medievia character name : Allyio, daughter of Illexio
  • Real name : Lori or Sho (depending on which member of the family you ask)
  • Age in real life : 29
  • Known in game alts : (ha -yah right!) Several more recognizable characters would be Tiexie, Shoshonna, Makenna, the notoriously infamous (and purged) Ratarka and Shalie.
  • In-game responsibilities : Played bloodline children for the purpose of helping heroes achieve Legend status in the past, designed and built several very large and intricate clan towns, currently semi-retired and basically just holding down the forts of clans 104 and 101, keeping the inmates in line.
  • Real life responsibilities : Full time college student; full time mother to a feisty little five year old princess in training, full time owned and operated by Prince Gaidinward. (David in the rl)
  • Favorite Medievian pastime : I enjoy wandering around the catacombs for endless amounts of wasted hours, and of course there is the mudslinging (no pun intended!) and endless supply of childish banter.
  • Preferred mode of contact : Email me at , or mudmail me. You may of course link me if you see me on, but chances are I'll be AFK. (In which case leave a message and I'll get back to you.)


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