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Outlaw Legion Wreaks Havoc on the High Seas
by Tiexie

The Outlaw Legion once again made its presence known as a formidable adversary as it brutally attacked the citizens of the Despotic Order of Assassins late last night. According to sources the Oni was in the midst of fighting a massive serpent from the depths, when the Outlaw Legion appeared from the murky gloom. The captain of the Vasokui waited until the beast had split into segments, before attacking the Ikkitousen.

Sources reported that the Vasokui merely rode on the mighty serpents back while it set upon destroying the Ikkitousen. The Vasokui Jokar Xo finally overtook the flagship of the Gouzoku Ikkitousen--Oni Ikkitousen, and captured it.

Prince Raithir of the Gouzoku Ikkitousen was understandably upset over the incident and commented that the underhanded shadiness of the Outlaw Legion should not be allowed, stating that it should be against nautical law for a ship to be able to attack another when one of their own resides aboard the ship.

The Outlaw Region declined any response when asked to comment on the incident and the Oni Ikkitousen was sunk moments later. I asked if they had sank the ship out of spite and Vryce responded that he did not believe so, as they apparently had their hands full with other things at the moment.Needless to say, neither clan town profited from the capturing of the Man O’War or the more than 120,000 fae on board.


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