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Easter Festivities
by Tiexie

The weekend was an exiting one as Medievians all over the world celebrated the Easter holiday. The festivities started off with a very interesting autoquest that included puzzles to be solved and a maze to navigate through. Each person received a medal with a delicate hand painted Easter egg upon completion of the quest.

There were also several holosections lurking about in the wilderness. Flopsy the bunny (Peter rabbit's little brother!) gave away free chocolate bunnies that never seemed to run out no matter how much you ate. Holo hunters also received a coveted medal created from Flopsy’s own cottony white tail.

Other holo sections included the search for the Hamlet of Gnetzlie, the Village of Hertzie, and the Bunnyborough, where the sneaky Easter witch awaited her yummy treats of crabbage sandwitches, marshmallow neeps and blubelly jelly juice. The quest was intricate and tough, but upon completion of the three holosections, the Easter witch awarded each questor with the coveted velveteen sling.

Other holiday merrymaking included the weekend long Easter egg hunt, where egg hunters had to search the corpses of mobs they killed to find the colorful surprises. Chocolate coins that cast the sanctuary spell when eaten, where also awarded with each egg found. The top five winners of the Easter egg hunt where Xanalor, who took first prize, Naia came in second, and Ankah, Sekilina and myself came in third, fourth and fifth.

Easter imps were also on hand during the celebration, delivering beautiful Easter lilies to friends and loved ones for a modest fee of 10,000 gold coins. Beautifully designed cards were also available as always in the Medievia Stationers.


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