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As the World Turns
by Tiexie

As the world turns in the Real World so must the great land of Medievia change and grow. We as loyal, contributing players of the ‘game’ we all love and cherish must learn to grow and adapt to change in our fantasy lives as we do in real life.

There has been much discord and discussion in the great lands of Medievia as of late as Vryce sets forth his new laws. Some fear the time of the casual player has finally come to an end, while others urge that this is just what the game needs to proceed into the future.

The new law dictates that any clan wishing to survive the transition must achieve at least a rank of twenty-five on showclan r rankings and be in a town. As of this week all sistering/resistering costs are free of charge while the playerbase adjusts to the changes.

The discord and strife among the players continues as some agree that the changes are for the better, while still others are steadfastly against the changing times and adamantly stand against the word of Vryce.

The one emotion that has been unanimously agreed upon by the older generations however is the air of sadness that seems to hover over the land like a choking cloud.

Yes, indeed we are sad to see these once vivacious clans disappear forever from the safe harbor of our fantasy world. However, blame and dissension must be set aside for the greater good of the future generations of Medievians.

All things grow and change, and with that change come the sometimes painful rebirthing pains as life reshapes itself. So, shed your tears, vent your frustrations, but never forget that for all things there is a season. It may very well be that the time of our generation has come and gone, but we will never forget. Long live (if only in our memories) the Medievia of the past, and the clans so many of our newbies grew up in.


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