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Hellraider Crucifies Reporter
by Tiexie

It was no surprise for me to awaken and discover that one of my bloodline children running Trellorian Penitentiary, as he had recently discovered the value of the equipment there and the nice xp the zone offered. It was also no surprise when he got nailed by a wilderness mob and died. Deciding to forego my combing expedition for the moment, I called a dragon and went to resurrect him.

Unexpectedly he informed me that Hellraider was walking about in the wilderness. As my dragon landed, I was astonished to watch as this intimidating creature suddenly attack me and I was thrown into a catatonic state of helplessness. I watched as he drove nails into my hands and the life slowly drained out of me as my hit points ticked from -10 to 0. I corpsed and was confused to discover that I was nowhere near the Trellorian Penitentiary anymore. For some reason I had been teleported somewhere close to Mellorian Citadel. Unperturbed I decided to camp and quit and return to the city of Medievia to resurrect. A bit giddy that I had just received a medal for being crucified by the legendary Hellraider, I decided to go back to the Trellorian Penitentiary and try to kill the beast.

As I flew over the island however, I suddenly realized there was no place to land, as my being crucified moments before had subsequently turned the island into CPK, where my dragon could not land. This was not how I had foreseen this working out, and needless to say I was very upset that I had not gotten my chance to try and solo the elusive Hellraider.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day.


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