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Anything but Normal
by Tiexie

I checked the dragon list when Khaoric called for dragon slayers, and discovered that Makmia the blue dragon was still very much alive, so I linked Khaoric and got myself onto the lair. What started out as a normal every day average kind of dragon lair however, turned into one of the most amusing incidents of my Medievian career.

Down in the lair, I followed Maynard who was the co-leader of the dragon lair and was leading the 'clearing' form. I usually very much hate the clearing form as this is the first formation to go into the lair and slay all of the creatures that block passage to the dragon itself.

While the clearing form is very good for an adventuring young apprentice to receive much-needed experience, it is pretty useless to myself and my fellow heroes. Not to mention quiet boring, as we have done it many, many times. Swallowing my dislike for the clearing form, not to mention my obvious distaste for the leader of the clearing form, I began the long trek through the dragon's sanctuary with the rest of the formation.

The mundane slaying of undead crusaders and blazing balrogs continued until at last the entire formation fell one by one, as two fiery hounds slew them. As everyone awaited the necromancer to come and read them the last rites, Khaoric shouted for people not to corpse. Not surprisingly, however, in the end the formation had to corpse and teleport from the lair.

I resurrected and phased the form leader, and began to spell up, only to watch dumbfounded as my connection to Medievia zapped. I was further confused to watch as the ten people on chat disconnected one by one. Glancing at my cable modem, I suddenly realized my Internet had gone down in the middle of the dragon lair.

As any fellow Medievian will tell you, this is a quiet a frustrating occurrence, to have your connection snatched away when you are in the middle of something important. Justly irritated and more than put out with my Internet provider, I adjourned to the real world and waited impatiently. Sure enough, fifteen minutes later, with my connection back up, I logged back onto Medievia.

Now, some might have been confused to reconnect in the middle of the wilderness and suddenly hear and feel (yes, I felt it!) a raging, highly antagonized blue dragon roaring at them. I was not confused however, but as I said very much amused to find out that I had made it back just in time to see that the dragon slayers had indeed pushed the angry beast from its lair. It had slain them all with excruciatingly painful arcs of lightning, and apparently was about to have me for dessert. I joined my fellow dragon slayers on the ground in death, as Makmia the blue dragon trampled me to death. I also joined them a moment later when they all resurrected and followed the beast to the nearby clan town and slew it!

Revenge is a dish best served cold.


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