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Reporter Eats Crow (or Crab?)
by Tiexie

With math formulae swimming in my head, I sat down at my keyboard and searched for something to capture my nerve-wracked attention span. I saw the call on the global current events channel to come aboard the Fearless Shadow for some "crabbing" and I hopped aboard with little enthusiasm. I suppose I was hoping for something exciting like a ship to ship battle spontaneously occurring or perhaps to slay a few serpents.

It quickly became apparent I was aboard a sloop and while well equipped to handle crabs, was no match for the massive serpent hunting action or ship-to-ship player-killing battles I had hoped for.

I was immediately thrust into a flurry of activity as people rushed about killing crabs and collecting fae. I resurrected several people and raced across the decks of the ship with the other ship mates finding and destroying the large crabs as they boarded the ship. The captain of the ship, Plorton, fought beside his crew members bravely as his first mate, Alia, deftly steered the ship through the fae-strewn waters.

Suddenly, a small ruby hammer headed whale surfaced alongside the sloop - and for a moment it appeared as if the creature would attack, and Alia took a moment to contemplate if the ship would be able to withstand a fight with it. Before she had to decide, however, the creature swam below the water's surface and disappeared from sight, sparing the crew perhaps a bloody battle.

Somewhere between racing about on the blood-spattered decks, resurrecting my fellow ship mates and collecting fae for the ship, I suddenly realized I was enjoying myself. Sure, I didn't get to slay a mighty serpent or partake in a grisly PK battle but all the same, I was having fun. It was at this moment, I realized that time moves a lot faster in the great land of Medievia and the Real World (TM) was once again beckoning me forth. With a heavy heart, I thanked the Captain and crew for inviting me aboard their ship and departed.

It occurred to me that while I had mis-deemed crabbing as a boring, slow, time-consuming activity that I had no real interest in, it turned out to have somewhat of a rush. Much like the small rush a comber would get when chancing upon a choice winded area in the catacombs, I had experienced that rush while watching the ships fae levels rise. Kudos to Plorton, Alia, the crew mates of the Fearless and everyone who enjoys this "crabbing"!


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