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Deckhands Ahoy!
by Allyio

A new mobile has been added to the already elaborate world of shipping. Vryce has named them deckhands and they are the new breed of workers. Workers are mobs that a player can hire to do a specific job, and have the ability to ‘learn’ and grow as they go. We are now able to check on available workers for hire, hire them, fire and even manage what the deckhands do aboard our ships.

These intricately designed mobs are able to repair a damaged ship, douse fires, man guns against serpents, pump water from the ship, assist players with lowering or raising sails, and move ammunition to the ships guns.

Vryce recently took a group of players onto his on ship to demonstrate the usefulness of the new breed of workers and explained that it was entirely possible for a crew of one to run a ship with only deckhands aboard. He was quick to explain that while it was possible, it would take a lot of patience and practice for a player to achieve this level of success with the new workers.

When asked by several players what the secret to controlling the workers so smoothly was in the face of certain death and catastrophe, Vryce spoke confidently in his infinite wisdom with two simple words, “Don’t Panic!”


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