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Goania the Disappearing Dragon
by Tiexie

What happens to a dragon when the mighty dragon slayers who seek to slay it fall asleep at the keyboard? Let us find out!

On a chilly Valentines Day morning in Medievia, Nolmarus called for dragon hunters and began to clear the lair of Goania the red dragon. Although there were blocker creatures to be slain in the cavern, whispers of doubt began to surface in the two formations.

Doing a quick check of my dragonhide, I noticed something quiet disturbing. I was in the lair, the dragon however, WAS NOT! Slowly, understanding dawned on the dragon slayers and they realized they were not the first adventurerers to find this lair. They began to speculate among themselves as to whether the dragon had fled up from its hole and was awaiting its death.

Or, had it left altogether? Nothing to do but forge on and find out. The dragon slayers, lead by Nolmarus and Katok, made it to the end of the cavernous tunnel only to discover that Goania the red dragon had indeed disappeared on them.

The collective mood of the dragon hunters was that of amusement, as Vryce himself appeared in the lair to inform them all that it was a "bug" and there was nothing he could do at the moment. Undaunted, the fearless dragonlair leaders collected their dragon hunters and went off in search of more dragons to slay.


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